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DEN Summer Inst 2010 Application

Page history last edited by Kathleen Porter 10 years, 3 months ago


Why should you be selected to attend the DEN Summer Institute? Provide a link to one digital artifact (see FAQ document on the blog BEFORE submitting your artifact) that demonstrates the following:


1. Motivation (why you want to attend)


2. Activity (what you have done as a STAR that makes you an active member of the community)


3. Expertise (what you are willing to share with other attendees)



What type of artifact can I submit?

A: You have an infinite number of choices regarding the digital artifact you can submit. It could be a video, Glog, slideshow, podcast, etc. Just make sure that it specifically demonstrates your motivation, activity and expertise.


Can I submit a link to my classroom blog or wiki as my artifact?

A: Yes and No. If you submit a link to a blog or wiki it should take us directly to a page that addresses your motivation, activity and expertise. We will not piece through an entire year’s worth of blog posts to make a determination regarding your application.


Your artifact for the DEN Summer Institute application is most likely going to be something you create new, not something you already have developed.

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