Carol Kelly on Managing Change

Excerpted resources for educators adapting to Web 2.0 / Library 2.0, from Carol Kelly, Salem State College.


Guiding Questions:

1. How have the significant technology innovations of the past ten years effected the students we teach?

2. In order to be effective teachers, is it necessary for us to change the way we teach our students, either pedagogically or technically?

3. What broad issues of special concern or interest to LMS and ITS people, for example, student safety, management of information, outreach to teachers, are inherent in all of the new technologies?


Background Materials

Marc Prensky, “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants On the Horizon, NCB University Press, Vol. 9 No. 5, October 2001



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Managing Change as Part of a Personal Professional Development Plan


The 15 minutes a day strategy.

Teachers/Librarians on line

LibX (Firefox extension) home site


Tim O'Reilly on What is Web 2.0?:


Open source ware:

Online Office

Open Office



Translate file extensions:  Zamzar

Generate PDFs: Cute PDF



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search engine devoted to finding useable materials


Library spaces as Information Commons:



Wikis in Plain English


Lindsay Grant, Using wikis in schools: a case study, May 2006.


Collaborating with Colleagues in Cyberspace. By: Ropog, Martina M.. Adult Basic Education & Literacy Journal, Fall 2007, Vol. 1 Issue 3, p169-171, 3p; (AN 27634359)




10 Best practices for Wikis in education




Blogs in Plain English


Who blogs?Personality predictors of blogging. By: Guadagno, Rosanna E.; Okdie, Bradley M.; Eno, Cassie A.. Computers in Human Behavior, Sep2008, Vol. 24 Issue 5, p1993-2004, 12p; DOI:10.1016/j.chb.2007.09.001; ( AN 32843456)


THE RA TOOL KIT. By: Wyatt, Neal. Library Journal, 6/15/2008, Vol. 133 Issue 11, p42-45, 4p, 6 color; (AN 32661498)


Diary of a blog: listening to kids in an elementary school library. By: Cowan, Janie. Teacher Librarian, Jun2008, Vol. 35 Issue 5, p20-26, 7p; (AN 32753567)


Blog tools:


Wordpress Audio/video instructional video

Blogger Audio/video instructional video

Classpress $24.95 per year And this is a good source, as they say, for “News, Techniques and Theories of Effective Use of Technology in Education”


What are other school librarians doing?

Index to blogs run by librarians (not only from schools)


Joyce Valenza’s Neverending Search


PC Magazine review of blog tools.,1759,1400319,00.asp





Kimberly M. Donnelly and Zane L. Berge, Podcasting: Co-opting MP3 Players for Education and Training Purposes

Podcasting in Plain English


The Education Podcast network.


Guide to everything you need to know


Podcasts in the classroom


Apple computers, Learning Math with Music


How to use Audacity to create MP3 files


Free download of Audacity

Free download of Wavpad

Additional free digital/sound editors list




School and Library Web Sites


Cullen Library:


Jamie McKenzie


Creating school web sites


Bellingham, where Jamie McKenzie worked


What about the library? Virtual Reference

Best practices